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What Makes LANNI Unique

At Last, Discover The Only 100% Natural Product So Pure, So Close to Your Body's Own Natural Moisturiser it Fools Even Your Own Skin!

What is the Ultimate Moisturiser?

The Ultimate Moisturiser is the Sebum your own body produces naturally.  Of course, we cannot extract it so....Mother Nature has offered an answer - a little known gift of the desert only recently rediscovered that now LANNI is proud to bring to you.

The Ultimate Moisturiser looks like your skin's own moisturiser..(see comparison)

For those times when your own skin's moisture lessens a little and needs help, don't hate yourself for missing out.  Just reach for Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser.....Tell me more

LANNI is made in Australia and distrubted around the world.

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    Lanni Skin Care 50ml moisturiser


Early History:

First chronicled by Spanish Missionaries when they landed in the New World in the 18th Century the Jojoba plant grows where only the hardiest of plants survive.  In writings from 1716 we are told of the magical Jojoba plant......Tell Me More!!

Jojoba Oil Production:

Lanni Skin Care Moisturiser jojoba oilAt Lanni we are proud to produce the world's finest moisturiser made from 100% pure Organic Jojoba oil....  Tell Me More!!

Jojoba Flowers

Lanni Skin Care Moisturiser jojoba male flowerLanni Skin Care Moisturiser jojoba female flowerJojoba bushes are either male or female.  The male bushes produce pollen and have flowers containing stamens.  The females produce the fruit and seeds and have flowers containing one ovary with three ovules.  The sex of a young jojoba plant cannot be judged until the first flower buds appear which can be anywhere from between one and four years.

Female flowers have no petals or odours to attract insects, and so the plant depends almost entirely on wind for pollination.  Read more....


"I want to express my great impression of the product from LANNI. I like to use it as a day and night moisturiser, to remove eye makeup, and on dry skin areas such as hands and feet, after sunbathing or after the sea."
K Wacz
Beauty Consultant
Stockholm, Sweden

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