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The Multi Millennium Moisturiser

Early History:

Lanni Skin Care Moisturiser 250mlFirst chronicled by Spanish Missionaries when they landed in the New World in the 18th Century the Jojoba plant grows where only the hardiest of plants survive.  In writings from 1716 we are told of the magical Jojoba plant, much celebrated for its medicinal purposes and in which they "found every day a new virtue for every illness".  Not closely related to any other living plant, the oil from the Jojoba is unique among vegetable oils as sperm oil is unique among animals.  Difficult to synthesize commercially, it is amazingly similar to our own body's sebum wax.

Treasured in Mexico and asked for in Spain, for centuries it remained a little known secret.  Natives would extract and preserve the precious liquid, massaging it into strained muscles to decrease the inflammation and relieve the pain.  They would apply it to their hair, keeping it strong, shining and healthy; to their skin to keep it smooth and unwrinkled and they would even burn the beans in sauna-like huts, inhaling the smoke during labor and childbirth for the well-being of the mother and child.

From Desert Shrub to Commercial Crop

Originally it was conceived as an alternative to Sperm Whale Oil, which was on the endangered species list in the 1970's.  More than two decades ago, Tom Lanni became a pioneer in the Jojoba Industry in Australia and founded the Australian Jojoba Association.  For years he struggled through crop failures, drought and various plagues.   Millions of dollars and much heartache have been needed to take this little known desert shrub to a commercial crop.

Over the past 15 years, a network of farmers has evolved around the globe, until now there is finally an adequate and growing supply of Jojoba.

At LANNI, we have built up a network of co-operating expertise around the world at all levels of the industry to ensure continuity of the highest grade raw materials.  In fact we personally select our ingredients from the best crops grown in all of the major continents on the planet.  From the foothills of the Andes to the Australian outback, from North American deserts to the Arctic Circle, we select and source only the finest.

Agricultural Aspects

Lanni skin care moisturiser jojoba plantation tractorCultivating jojoba for commercial production has thrown up a myriad of unique agricultural challenges.

Indeed scientists, agronomists and farmers around the world have devoted the last 20 years and more in trying to come to grips with the plant called jojoba.

Lanni is proud to produce the world's most effective moisturizer made from 100% Pur Organic Jojoba Oil.

Naturally containing Vitamins A, D and E.  We add no preservatives, colourants or perfumes.