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"I use LANNI for my hair. It's just so fabulous! I have this big, thick, bushy hair and it's always been difficult to handle. People ask me what I use. They think it must be expensive and that it must be done by the hairdresser. They just don't realise how little it costs and how little I need to use. Sometimes I use it for my face, as well. This is just the best thing I've ever used!"
Rosie Katz
Melbourne, Australia

"I tried my boyfriend's LANNI as a moisturizing treatment on my hair. I couldn't believe the results! My hair has never looked so great. Now the bottle's going home with me!"
Erin Cassidy
Los Angeles, USA

"I love LANNI as a hair conditioner. I often massage it into my scalp overnight and it shampoos out simply in the morning. Since using The Ultimate Moisturiser from LANNI, my hair has had much more bounce and shine and is much more manageable."
D Jackson
Beauty Therapist Representative, UK


"I've found the massage possibilities are endless. I massage it into my scalp for improved circulation and shining hair. I mix it with rock salt or white sugar and massage it in to get incredibly smooth hands and feet. My boyfriend loves LANNI, too! We take turns in giving body massages. It relieves tired muscles, helps the hands to slide easily over the skin leaving a great relaxed feeling and it leaves the skin moist and glistening but not sticky so you don't need to wash it off."
Irene Y.
Amsterdam, Holland

"LANNI is great for a special moisturising full body massage, especially for clients who are sensitive to ordinary massage oils."
Greg Nichols
Massage Therapist
Sydney, Australia


"I have found that male customers appreciate using LANNI, especially for after shaving and after cold weather exposure. I have great results before and after electrolysis too!"
S Melchiorsen
Beauty Therapist
Naestved, Denmark

"I use LANNI before and after my daily shave. It is the best moisturiser I have ever used and has cleared my skin which had broken out from using other products. I also use it as an all over body oil which gives my skin a good sheen for body building competitions."
Mark Hodge
Gym Instructor and Body Builder
Sydney, Australia

"My beard grows in quite thick and fast. Shaving is certainly not my favorite thing to do. Since starting to use LANNI the whole process is faster, easier and less painful. And the side benefit is unbelievably clear skin with no abrasion."
Stephen Silberkraus
Henderson, USA

Face and Facials:

"The super fineness of LANNI makes it very popular for facials and face massages in our salon and school."
A Cheng

"I love LANNI as an eye makeup remover - it removes my waterproof mascara without any irritation."
I Kegler
Sydney, Australia

Waxing and Salon Treatments:

"We have a client from overseas who occasionally spends some weeks in Switzerland to have electrical hair removal (electrolysis) on her chin and upper lip. Due to her short stay, she insists to have as many hairs removed as possible, in frequent sessions. I am thrilled to say that, although the skin in question is quite sensitive, we used LANNI as the before and after treatment and it worked wonderfully well."
H D Alisch
Beauty Center
Lacuna, Switzerland

"We prescribe LANNI for after waxing treatment at home and find it is extremely effective in stopping ingrowing hairs."
Erika Whitehouse
Beauty Therapist
London, UK

"LANNI is very versatile in my salon. We have very good results using it in hot oil infusion mask treatments and as a carrier for aromatherapy essential oils. Of course, it is excellent for after-waxing in the salon and it really helps to minimise ingrown hair when used regularly at home."
I Koroneou
Beauty Therapist
Athens, Greece

"We use LANNI in manicures. It has a unique softening action on cuticles. It is brilliant for the strengthening and nourishing of nails and results in no more splitting or breaking caused by nail hardeners. Our clients really love it for home treatments."
V Wailes
Sydney, Australia

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