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Nature's Love Story - Jojoba Flowers

Some of the painstaking research over the last few years has been on identifying flowering patterns and determining the optimum number of male plants to female plants for maximising commercial production of seeds.

Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser Female FlowerLanni Ultimate Moisturiser male FlowerWe have been amazed at the distance and effectiveness of the male pollen to find its way to the female plant, which has a mechanism to actually attract the pollen to it. Matching up flowering cycles in the various plant types of the jojoba family has also been a painstaking task. Without male/female flowering being coordinated, no pollination will take place and consequently no jojoba seeds will ultimately form.


Lanni Moisturiser Jojoba TreeFloral buds appear on the current season's growth, mainly in the Summer and Autumn, they usually open in the following Spring. This flowering is triggered by the stress of cold or drought or both. However, if a late frost hits them, the whole season's crop could be lost as jojoba flowers are very delicate and can be killed by sudden cold snaps. In order to form the fruit which will deliver the seeds from which the wonderful natural liquid can be yielded, the jojoba flowers play a vital link in the long chain starting from nature and agriculture and ending with a finished product for you.