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The Multi Millennium Moisturiser

Jojoba Oil Production:

Lanni Moisturiser jojoba oilAt Lanni we are proud to produce the world's finest moisturiser made from 100% pure Jojoba oil.  Naturally containing Vitamins A, D and E we add no preservatives, colourants or perfumes.  It is allergy safe, suitable for all skins, penetrates deeper, lubricating and protecting your skin.  It contributes to a younger healthier you.  In addition to being a Multi Millennium Moisturiser it is also a universal moisturiser!  Use Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser for hair, face, body, muscle aches, skin ailments, baby massage...... the list goes on......

Highest Quality Raw Material Selection

Jojoba seeds are sourced from a network of plantations which have been established using advanced and patented plant types and operated by reliable growers. With these improved high yielding plant species, developed through many years of applied research, consistent yields can be predicted from one year to the next.

(It takes approximately three years for the first harvest seed and approximately 15 years for the plants to reach their full maturity and highest annual yield).


Cold Pressed Virgin Jojoba Oil

Lanni Moisturiser refiningThe crushing of the seeds is arranged through specialised processors. The seeds are cold pressed and only first press virgin jojoba oil is used for our product. After crushing, the processing involves pasteurisation through special refining techniques that purify the oil.

Lanni Moisturiser ControlsThis purification process removes any variabilities that are found in the raw materials and delivers a naturally refined pure product resulting in the highest quality natural jojoba oil.

Lastly, the product is also subject to our Micron Final Filter. The Ultimate Moisturiser passes through a last super fine filtration process at the moment it is filled into your bottle, providing the confidence of ultimate purity and ensuring the finest quality.