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What Makes LANNI Unique

THE ULTIMATE MOISTURISER FROM LANNI for face, body and hair.....

Some of the unique qualities and exciting benefits of the Ultimate Moisturiser from LANNI are:

  • 100% pure jojoba oil
  • Micron Final Filtered
  • Improves the appearance of your skin
  • Contains Vitamins A D & E
  • Restores natural moisture and nourishment to the skin
  • Is totally natural - has no preservatives, perfumes or colorants added
  • Is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skins
  • Has a natural superfine, non-greasy feel
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Has no animal content
  • Backed by University research
  • Leaves no oily film
  • Does not clog the pores
  • It is the only skin care product to have this unique likeness to
         sebum wax (the skin’s own natural moisturiser)

    Super Fine.....For You

    Made from 100% pure Jojoba which has been refined and pasteurised through our unique natural processes to bring you the world's finest moisturiser.

    Each product passes through 15 procedures and quality checks during production to ensure it is totally compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

    It is then subject to our unique Micron Final Filter, The Ultimate Moisturiser passes through a last super fine filtration process at the moment it is filled into your bottle providing the confidence of ultimate purity and ensuring the finest quality.

    In fact, we are so confident of the purity and safety of our product, that we provide a full money back guarantee for any retail customer who may not be fully satisfied with any LANNI product.

    LANNI ultimate moisturiser is unique because...

    University research has proved that LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser has a remarkable similarity to sebum wax, your skin’s natural moisturiser. This amazing similarity makes it compatible with all skin types.

    This product is a natural super-fine liquid extract from the nut of the rare Jojoba plant which takes over twelve years to mature. Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser contains no preservatives, chemicals or colorants.

    Product Range

    LI250     Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser - 250ml Family Size

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     LI15      Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser - 15ml Pocket Size

    Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser 10ml

     LI50      Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser - 50ml Personal Size

    Lanni Moisturiser 50ml

    LITE6     TravelEssence Travel Comfort Essentials

    • Ultimate Moisturiser 10ml Roll On

    • Lip Balm 10ml Roll On

    • Face Mist 9ml Spray

    • Mint Breath Freshener 9ml Spray

    • Deodorant 10ml Roll On

    * Note that items are not sold separately

    Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser TravelEssence Travel Pack

    LANNI is made in Australia and distributed around the world. To find out where and how you can buy your LANNI click here.

    Lanni Essentials
    A Division of:

    Premium International Pty. Ltd.
    (ACN 070 719 532)
    PO Box 776
    Potts Point  NSW  2011
    Sydney,  Australia
    Telephone +61 2 9358 4333
    Facsimile  +61 2 9357 2017

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