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About Us

Lanni Moisturiser Tom PhotoLANNI is a registered Trade Mark of the Premium International P/L Group.

The Principal Officer is Tom Lanni.

Management Team

Tom Lanni - CEO

Bill Whitby - Legal Affairs

Yoneo Kuroda - Sales & Marketing, Japan

Jojoba Industry Expertise

We have played a pioneering role in the Jojoba industry and were involved with the early development of plantations in Australia.  In 1978, Tom Lanni, the Principal Officer of Premium International P/L Group, was first introduced to a little known plant, the Jojoba, native to the Sonoran desert and used throughout the millennia by the ancestral dwellers of some of the harshest terrain on earth.  In the last quarter of the 20th Century scientific experiments had been taking place in parts of the U.S. and in Israel with encouraging results.

Jojoba had so many beneficial applications in so many areas that converting this plant into a commercial crop became the challenge.

Originally it was conceived as an alternative to Sperm Whale Oil, which was on the endangered species list in the 1970's.  More than two decades ago, Tom Lanni became a pioneer in the Jojoba Industry in Australia.  He founded the Jojoba Association of Australia and began production in New South Wales.  For years he struggled through crop failures, drought and even various plagues.  Millions of dollars and much heart-ache have been needed to take this little known desert shrub to a commercial crop.  After painstaking research, patented Jojoba plants now have a more reliable yield pattern.  Over the past 15 years, a network of farmers has evolved in key growing areas around the world, until now there is finally an adequate and growing supply of Jojoba and, at Premium International, we have built up a network of co-operating expertise around the world at all levels of the industry to ensure continuity of the highest grade raw materials.

LANNI is proud to produce the world's finest moisturiser made from 100% pure Organic Jojoba oil.  Naturally containing Vitamins A, D and E we add no preservatives, colourants or perfumes.  It is allergy safe, suitable for all skin types, penetrates deeper, lubricating and protecting your skin.  It contributes to a younger, healthier YOU.  In addition to being a multi millennium moisturizer it is also a universal moisturizer!

Premium International Pty. Ltd.
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PO Box 776
Potts Point  NSW  2011
Sydney,  Australia
Telephone +61 2 9358 4333
Facsimile  +61 2 9357 2017